Kamis, 06 Mei 2010

Money From Menculik Miyabi Film

Menculik Miyabi movie has aired in theaters. Is this movie going to cause controversy?

Menculik Miyabi movie tells the story of a conflict that took place between the players which led to the kidnapping of  Miyabi. This film contains scenes away from the elements of comedy and porn. Maxima Party Pictures do not want to mention the budget to make a movie kidnap kidnap movie Miyabi is now ready to run again. Now fans of Miyabi aka Maria Ozawa fans can watch the idol porn star appearance. Is this movie going to cause controversy?

Almost half of the scenes in film making, Menculik Miyabi conducted in Japan. Filming was done in Japan due to the demand for Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi. From what Santer is heard, a pretty mulatto girl from Canada - Japan is really in the pay expensive in that role. Only for models, maxima dare pay dearly. You must also know how much Maxima Budget in making the film Menculik Miyabi?
It is a brilliant idea in search of opportunities.

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