Senin, 14 Desember 2009

not ptc

In the world of Internet business you may have heard about the program is a scam business. The program is a scam business that this is a bogus business program or just to deceive for the sake of profits for themselves.
Many people on the internet to get additional revenue by following the model of pay to click (PTC) that currently is being intensively-amid. but, im not recomended for ptc busines, remember... not ptc.

We will be paid by PTC site when we "open" ads they provide for about 30 seconds. So for 30 seconds that we could go back to our other activities, go to his facebook example. After 30 seconds passed then we click on another ad (because we were asked to open his ads one by one in order to get paid), and so did seterusnya.Situs-PTC site is getting benefits from the party paid advertisers expect their ad is clicked by the member PTC . but please be aware that a lot of PTC, which is fraud, and you will not receive a continental of you clik lakukan.Untuk create a website / PTC is not too much cost. Now, when someone who is intending to deceive, he makes a site like this, getting advertisers, a member .., get upgrade from older members, referral rental .., and when they get enough profit, he fled the members. that's a little explanation. in fact, we not paying from ptc.

For that you should beware of the scam programs, because you will be made the object of their deception. How to avoid this scam business programs? of course, before you enter a business, find information about the business if it pays or just a scam. so, do not choice ptc busines.remember... not ptc.

Do not believe the Internet businesses that offer convenience, but the pay is high. so is certainly deceptive. using logic alone, where there is a business today is easy but the big payoff, even if there were nonetheless invited certain people to do business is the closest people first and then in scattered disseminated.
For all.., key is Thorough, patient, and dicipline....
googd luck.

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