Senin, 12 Oktober 2009

what ptc

This is the way to work via the Internet, very easy and does not need skill, one of which is to follow the PTC

PTC? What's that?

PTC is an extension of the Paid to Click. In accordance with the title, we will be paid if to click.

-Click what?
Ads that is hosted on the website in question.

What we have for ptc working?
Computer + internet connection + a little time.

Ooo ... But how need a little time?
You see, we click the ads was pretty open until the time timernya abis.
Rata2's 20-30 seconds. So, while we klik and wait 20-30 seconds, we could while working, chatting, while donlot ato. So we can still job.

so, we have paid in ptc?
PTC's usually website2 take 5-20 ads per day. And given the amount of money that ranges between 0005 - 0:02 USD, so about 0,ooo5-0,001 dollars. 0:01 paying rate 0,001 dollars.

Who would pay us?
Parties advertise. or no from sponsors.

But how little pay you?
1 day there are 10 ads, per click ads in 0:01 and get dollar exchange rate USD 9000 would,

$ 0.01 x 10 = $ 0.1 x USD 9000 = USD $ 0.10 per day;
$ 0.1 x 30 = $ 3.0 x Rp 9.000 = USD 2,7 per month;
$ 3.0 x 12 = $ 36 x USD 9000 = USD $ 324 per year.

So the day may get money an additional USD $ 324? It can directly be taken?
Well, as I've said, it's just rough calculate only.
Each website has a minimum payout PTC different. $ 1 - $ 10 just to be taken.

Ow ... I've started to understand. But, although at 10 TCM pays little yes?
but, that right, very litle .
The first, a premium member but who is to pay, ranging between $ 20 - $ 90 per year.
effect pay-per-click will add. For example when a regular member-per-click advertising $ 0.01 and are available 10 ads per day. kalo premium per click can be $ 0015 and available ad could be 2X. $ 0.3 a day, $ 9 a month, $ 108 a year.
But it is paid, we aja pake second way of looking for referrals.

How can you increase the referral of our money?
Some websites ngasih commission bonus every time a list of our references used.
Trus again every referral clicks to us, we also dapet duit. depending on PTC.
There are ngasih $ 0.01 (according to our paid time click) or only half.

is the reference of our 1, trus paid $ 0.01 as well, means we are going to be revenue 2X dapet if we own $ 0.01. Kalo is the reference 10 yes we are going to mean income multiplied by 10.

There's more. if we become a premium member, we get commission from referrals.
so much easier we can rent refferal, because with it we can earn more

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