Rabu, 14 April 2010

Online Store

Online stores has many advantages compared with conventional stores both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Here are some advantages to do business with online stores.

A very broad target market, not only domestic consumers but also abroad. In other words, the target market is not limited to the world. Cost-effective. By using your online store can cut the cost of employees or rental place / office. The information presented was more so that consumers can obtain a better picture about the products / services you offer.

Constraints online store website script which is less than optimal SEO it, the result is an online store becomes empty, because yes it was, less sharp in SEO issues. Even if there are online stores that SEO script really, there is rarely take it off in full. That is, we as users online store can only be rented, usually a year. That's expensive. As for us-we are still students or beginners' you need something free.

Before starting an online store you should have noticed the following things:
  • Determine the target market will use or buy your product.
  • Collect content that contains articles, photos or videos that support the contents of your online store site.
  • Create your online store site.
  • Publish and promote your site

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