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Lately, the Bank increasingly interested in finance or lend credit to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Therefore, some of the Bank has provided credit schemes that are specific to SMEs. According to research by Bank Indonesia, most of MSMEs in Indonesia is performing well. Than 11,000 units in the study sample and scattered in eleven areas, showing 84.4% recorded operating profit above 10%. Than 11,000 such units, 35% have a profit margin of more than 35%. Of the BI sample shows a different conclusion from the view of people in general that the business was fragile and SMEs performing poorly.

The results of Bank Indonesia is a monetary authority is usually the reference banks in the credit disbursed loans to businesses. Moreover, if SMEs are healthy, both in terms of management, current cash flow / balance sheet and assets. Were many SME entrepreneurs are being psimis or doubtful loans apply to the Bank, and SME business wheel rotation emerging needs "fresh blood" in the form of an injection of funds, while the accumulation of monthly income can not cover the needs of the business wheel thirsty for additional funds. In this case, the fund needs can be met the Bank, and of course, additional funding is very useful as a "power donkrak" or sendiri.Bila business Laverege we learned various offers from credit loans from the Bank, were many types of loans that can be utilized businessman MSMEs. BRI example, has about 12 products specifically diawarkan loans to SMEs. Kupedes Like the legendary and long comes with a credit ceiling Rp. 25.000, - to Rp. 25.000, -, there are also loans for investment with a ceiling konsiyasi system to Rp. 5 billion.

Likewise, the Bank Bukopin, where if the first loan ceiling for SMEs is only Rp. 2.5 billion, has been raised to Rp. 10 Billion. This shows the Bank increasingly interested in channeling credit to the SME sector. Some businesses are interested parties MSE Bank, among others: trade, telecommunications, education, health and consumer financing.

Currently, the Bank also increasingly proactive approach SME sector. Bank Mandiri for example, some time ago working draper Tanah Abang, Jakarta is also the Bank which provides loans to the traders in the area of PD Pasar Jaya to buy the right use of Place of Business (HPTU) in Pasar Jaya, with credit ceilings reach 80% of the total value HPTU purchased. Thus, the traders who are interested only need to set up 20% of capital to buy a place of business has to offer. The remaining 80% comes from bank loans Jawa with repayments of time between 1 - 5 years with interest charged between 14% - 16%. Several other bank also offers semalin incentive credit facilities to SME entrepreneurs, for example, the Civil Association 1906 Bank that provides loans for SME entrepreneurs who want to buy the franchise rights. The maximum repayment period is 5 years and the credit ceiling of Rp. 50 million.

Besides some banks actively seek out SME entrepreneurs who deserve credit loans, there are also several types of loans that the requirements do not require a collateral / guarantees, loans of this type is known as Personal Loans (KTA). At the beginning of this KTA credit loans are specific to finance consumption. But now their usefulness has been growing, which can be used as additional working capital.

In addition to several types of loans as we have known all along, it was also kind enough credit loan interest, such as financing Housing Loan (mortgage) in combination with additional loans for working capital.

This example, if we buy a house with a mortgage product, where we installment house on a regular basis, after payment we walked a couple of years, certainly the value that we buy a house with installments that are larger than the first installment, this comes in addition to of the total value of our mortgage, also factors which increase property prices quickly. Well, it turns out, our house, although not yet paid off, can we "sekolahkan" first, we use alias to obtain additional capital for our business. How to apply for new mortgages for house construction, if the Bank grant, of course, the value of mortgages that we have certainly greater. Part of the value of these mortgages can we use as additional working capital.

But keep in mind, we should be wise in borrowing, if indeed our business wheels spinning smoothly, we should owe to the Bank. Do not borrow to buy a bank to use consumer products, it is wasteful, and ultimately it will make our pressure greater liability, because there is interest expense to be paid each month. Although scattered products credit loans from the Bank, SME entrepreneurs need to prepare yourself and know in advance the types of loans offered. Most of us came to the bank when we "need" alias flow business cash flow we started not feeling well, of course it is hard to get a loan, because the bank lent money to businessmen who started the business wheels are at risk of bad debt experienced bottlenecks in repayments, could even be default.

Tips so that we run the business interest by the Bank to be funded include :
  • Borrow money/ loan money to the bank or house loan when we do not need it
  • Reference to Credible Money Borrowers
  • Joining In Enterprise and Banking Kominitas
  • Perform Publications

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